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Lattes, cold brew, and teas catered to your private and corporate events. 

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Mobile Espresso Bar

If you're looking for something to elevate your next event, you've got you covered. We'll offer a full-service espresso bar and a custom menu of lattes, teas, cold brew, and hot chocolate.


Accessible Ingredients

We use nut free, gluten free, vegan oat milk in all our lattes so our drinks have a smooth, rich taste and will always be gentler on your tummy. Dairy, gluten, and nut sensitivities welcomed!


Top Notch Baristas

Baristas don't just make excellent coffee—they make excellent connections. Our baristas are naturally friendly and value making meaningful touch points with your guests. If you ever had a great barista, you know the difference one can make!

Fan Faves


The Seattle

Cold Brew


The Buda Latte

Honey Lavender Latte


Fredericksburg Peach Tea


The Tamaulipas Latte

Spicy Vanilla Latte


We're a husband and wife team and we cater events with our mobile espresso bar!

But coffee isn't our "why."

We created Brooklynd's Coffee & Tea to help us build relationships with our neighbors and nothing brings people together better than a good cup of coffee.


Today, we get to cater coffees and tea beyond our neighborhood and across central Texas!  

P.S. Brooklynd is our blue heeler and we'd love to bring him to events but he likes to sleep on the job ;)

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BEST. COFFEE. EVER! if you live in the area it is a MUST have! Fast delivery and so delicious! And lovable service.

Tori Rhema, Austin

The Stories Behind The Flavours

Each coffee and tea is inspired by a memory and place that means a ton to us.  These drinks represent our journey together.

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