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Meet The Team: Meet The Team


But our names are Phil and Davina.

Two Millennials Enter An Online Dating Chatroom...

Phil and Davina met online and, 11 months later, they tied the knot. But they weren't ready to have kids or settle into suburbia. They immediately turned their efforts and time toward growing something together. At first, it was a much needed focus on growing in their faith, then they turned to making memories traveling across the country and the world with their fluffy Australian shepherd, Brooklynd. But they were restless, so turned their sights on building Philip Adcock photography and The Couple that Crafts.


Those were learning years, development years. Fighting years. Reconciling years. And the things they’d learn about themselves in those first few years of marriage gave them just enough wisdom to start something new in 2022.

So when Phil came home with an idea for a coffee business, sparks erupted in both of them.

This Grenadian girl and Texas boy are shaking up the coffee status quo in a way that they hope leaves a lasting and meaningful impact. They aim to brew excellent coffee above reproach. That means acting in ways that align with what’s best for the planet, their customers, and their marriage.

Welcome to this new chapter of their story. 

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