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Coffee Catering in Central Texas

The heart behind Brooklynd's coffee catering

Coffee catering sounds easy and in some ways it is. Learn how to make coffee. Fail. Learn some more. Fail less. Stumble and fall. Get up and fail less. And on and on it goes. But the thing that we wanted to spend the most time on was what happened before, during, and after an espresso shot is pulled—human connection. A lot can happen in those 1-3 minutes.

Smiles are exchanged as well as a few pleasantries. Maybe a joke is cracked. Lydia might walk into work and is shocked that an espresso bar is awaiting for her in the lobby. Miguel might be annoyed with how long it took to drive his kids to daycare so he walked right past the bar.

Regardless of how guests walk up to us, we know that they're all complete people with tons of complexities. And we want to be there to remind them that there are small graces like good coffee that they can enjoy in the midst of everything.

A cup of coffee is small. It doesn’t do much on its own. But when it's served with empathy and kindness, and made with skill and expertise, it can remind someone to pause because something good is on the way.

Coffee catering is a big deal to us and we count it a gift to be able to serve your employees, volunteers, wedding guests, friends, and family. So with each guest, we commit to being a warm presence and with each event we'll be a good partner to you.

We can't wait to meet you and get this party rolling!

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