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Well, actually, Brooklynd is our dog but we love him so we named our company after him.

You don’t grow up in Grenada without learning how to turn a yard into a mile. And you don’t start a photography business at the age of 16 without learning entrepreneurship…sometimes the hard way. 

Phil and Davina found each other at a turning point in their lives. After years of work, paying off student loans, and looking for more, they got married and immediately changed everything about their lives, in search of that one thing that scratched their entrepreneurial itch. Months after they got married, they moved to Seattle where Phil continued investing in his photography and Davina launched The Couple That Crafts. But truthfully, those were learning years, development years. The things they’d learn about themselves and their strengths as a couple gave them just enough wisdom to start something new in 2022.

This is the story about two young, hungry entrepreneurs in training who one day realised that they were restless by design. No promotion, no salary, no fancy vacation scratched that itch for them. By the time they settled into suburbia, 5 years into their marriage, they were both ready to build something new, together.

So when Phil came home with an idea for cold brew, sparks erupted.

Welcome to this new chapter of their story. 

They’re best friends looking to bring something new to a space they love and shake up the status quo in a way that leaves a lasting and meaningful impact.

We aim to brew excellent coffee above reproach. That means acting in ways that align with what’s best for our planet, our customers, and our marriage.

The coffee is home brewed, flavors are unique, and each batch is made with an understanding that the drinker is a unique individual worthy of love, flourishing, and good nourishment. 

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